Our Concept

How it works

If you would like to pass on your items to others, we can help you sell it.  

You will get 40% as commission for every sold item. The store will put a value on your item. 

The rest of the money will go to fees, taxes and the work we put to get your item sold.

The items will be sold at the store or on the internet in a minimum time of 60 days. 

When the selling period ends, you will get a message from us with information on how it went. 

Requested at the moment

The items needs to be clean, without stains or holes. Clothes needs to be newly washed. We go thoroughly through the items before putting them for sale.

We are now looking for furniture. Vintage and modern.

* Furniture:

-Small tables


-Childrens furniture


-Bedroom dressers

-Rattan furniture

-All other furniture according to agreement 

If you have any of the above or other things, you are welcome to contact us at info@knivstavfm.se. Please enclose picture of the items. 


We take the situation regarding Covid 19 seriously. We follow the recommedations by the authorities. 

We do everything we can to make the store a safe environment for our customers and our workers. 

We offer everyone desinfectant at the entrance. We advise our customers to use it. 

We would like that our customers keep the recommended distance. At the store, there are many signs reminding us of keeping the distance. If you are sick, we ask you to stay home. 

From now on, you can only buy with either swish or card.  We do this to avoid infection risk and for safety to our workers. 

Here is the selling conditions, Selling information and personal data policy for customers that wishes to sell items at Knivsta Varuförmedling AB.


*All items are checked thoroughly a second time before sale.
*The items needs to be clean, without stains or holes. Clothes needs to be newly washed.
*Knivsta Varuförmedling AB determine the final price of the item.
*The customer will receive the commission on the date when the agreement ends.
*The items are displayed for a minimum of of 60 days. After  a while the items could be discounted.
*After minimum period of 60 days the company will contact the customer with a final report. The customer will have a report of the sell, with the amount of sold items and the total amount of the commission.
*The customer will then receive the commission by a transfer to the customer bank account number.
*The customer needs to respond within 1 week after the end of this agreement, in order to come and get back the non-sold items.
*After that the items become the property of Knivsta Varuförmedling AB and the company have the right to donate to charity or use the items in the store.
*A preliminary inventory list is created with this agreement. The final inventory list will be established when all the item is checked once again.

Selling information

Information about selling items

*Knivsta Varuförmedling AB updates regularly the website with which items are wanted.
*Therefore, look at the website first. It is listed above under the section "Requested at the moment."

*If a customer wishes to sell items, contact the company by email or phone.
*A meeting will be set up at the store. At the meeting, the company and the customer go through the items. 

*The customer establish an inventory list before coming with the items.
*A customer account will be created and an agreement will be signed at the meeting.

*After the meeting, the company will go through the items thoroughly again.
*The company avoid selling items that are damaged.
* Damaged items will be thrown away.
*Make sure that the items are fine and ready for sale.
*The price is determined by experience or a current market price.

*The items will be sold at the store or photographed and put on websites for sell.
*On these websites, there will be no personal information about the customer.
*The items will be sold by the name of the company.

*Be aware! Only one agreement at the time. The customer can after ending the first agreement   and receiving the commission, contact the company for a new appointment to sell again.


*The customer receives 40 % as commission for every sold item.
*The rest will cover expenses in marketing on the websites, the store, taxes and working hours.


*The amount of the commission will be transferred to the bank account mentioned in the agreement no later than 3 days after the closure of the customer account (usually the time of bank transfer).

*It is the customers responsibility to come and collect unsold items no later than a week (7 days) after the end of the agreement.
*The customer will gather the items in the store.
*Please let the personal know before starting the collection upon the arrival.
*The company is not responsable for theft of items at the store.

*Items not collected after the selling period ends, will become the property of the company Knivsta Varuförmedling and go to cultural centres as charity or can be used in the store.

Right of withdraw

*A customer may withdraw the selling at any time during the selling period, as long as the items has not been sold.
*In that case, contact the company by mail.

Return policy

*Knivsta Varuförmedling AB do not have any return policy for the items sold.
*There is a possibility to put the item on sell again and get commission, according to the selling policy. 

Personal data policy

Knivsta Varuförmedling AB cares very much about the customer personal data. This policy regulates how the company collect, use and protect data about the customer and how the customer can exercise its rights. This policy relates to the processing of personal data that Knivsta Varuförmedling AB obtains: in conjunction with the performance of the services of the company.

With reference to law, the company refer below to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable Swedish data protection legislation.

Data that are collect about the customer

When the company receive items from the customer, the following information is collected:

*The personal information of the customer including contact information and bank   information.
*The company create a costumer number.
*In the customer account, the company register the customer contact information, the items, the price of the items and the amount of the commission when items are sol.
*The bank account of the customer to be able to pay the commission.

How the company use the information of the customer

To be able to have an agreement, the company need to do the following:

*Register the customer in the customer system.
*The company can contact the customer when there are questions.
*The company will contact the customer when the selling period has ended.
*The company register the amount of the sold item in the bank account of the customer.

*The customer personal data will also be registered in the accountings of the company.
*In that case, the auditor will be the receiver of the customer personal data.

*When requested, the company may also disclose personal data for special reasons, e.g. when the company have reason to believe that the data is necessary to identify, contact or bring proceedings against someone.
*In this case the data will be shared to the authorities asking for it such as the Police or other   Swedish authorities.

How long do the company keep the customer personal data?

*The company will only save personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes prescribed.
*The customer personal data is saved in the customer system as long as the customer is active  *If the company does not have contact with the customer after three months, the company consider the customer as inactive member.
*The customer personal data will be saved for accountants' matter up to 7 years after closure of the year of activation.

The rights of the customer

*The customer is entitled to request information about how the company process personal data.
*Please contact us the company. Please state what information needed to be requested.
*The request must also be in writing and be personally signed. 

*The company always respond to the requests as soon as possible.
*If the customer considers that the data is incorrect or incomplete, please contact the company for correction. 
*The customer can also request to remove all data.

*Please note that it may be required that the company retain necessary personal data in conjunction with erasure, according to law to retain certain personal data to satisfy for business   needs.
*If the customer considers that the data have been dealt incorrectly, please notify the company as soon as possible. 

*The customer also has the option to make a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority about personal data processing.
*If costumer has suffered a loss because of way of processing personal data, the customer can request damages from the company or institute proceedings at a court.


*Knivsta Varuförmedling AB uses cookies, electronic images and similar track and trace technologies on the website and in an e-mail communications.
*The company also obtain personal data in conjunction with the performance of services. 
*The customer personally decides whether to provide most of the other personal data beyond   this, for example, by registering for selling items, by sending email messages or through social media activities or if the customer provides data in some other way.
*To block cookies will have a negative effect on the website. 
*If cookies are blocked some of the functions in the website may not work.

Amendment of this policy

*This Personal Data Policy may be changed or updated by us. When minor changes, the customer are requested to read through this policy from time to time to keep yourself informed.
*If there are significant amendments to this policy, the company will notify the customer by sending an email.

Third part website

*The website may contain third parts links.
*The company has no control over and do not have any responsibility regarding their personal data policy.


Knivsta Varuförmedling AB
Centralv. 7 741 40 Knivsta
Org.nr: 559265-0732

If the customer have any questions, please contact the company by contact form or at info@knivstavfm.se